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Bullseye Camera Systems, LLC. is a group of shooting, hunting and technology enthusiasts who have come together to create unique products for the sportsman. Our focus is in the shooting community, whether you are shooting to hunt, target practice or simply to have a good time - we enjoy creating products to help you spend more time shooting.

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We are dedicated to our customers and we believe in providing a superior product backed by timely, competent and courteous customer service and support. We are here to help you!

Our Vision
To have a Bullseye Camera System in the hands of every hunting, tactical, and shooting sports enthusiasts’ hands, enjoying the efficiency and proficiency that our camera systems offer.

To be the technological leader in camera target-viewing solutions.

Values : Quality in all aspects of our business

Quality Relationships – Be it our customers, dealers, manufacturers, employees, we will deal with everyone honestly, respectfully and reliably.

Quality Products – We will stay focused on bringing innovation to our systems and to our customers.  With that, our QC policies will remain an important component to that high level of quality.

Quality Commitments – Our 2nd Amendment and hunting rights are under attack.  We commit to sharing in the responsibility to preserve those rights.

Nick Skrepetos

I grew up in rural Ashland, Oregon, on a quaint farm, where we raised cattle and worked a small Christmas tree farm.  I spent summers ocean and fly fishing with my family in Smith River, California and in the fall, often hunting with my grandfather.  The fall hunting bloomed into a year-round interest in target shooting, with my friends and me shooting cans, milk jugs and any target we could muster up.

As busy as my rural life was, I still managed to find time to work on my hobby – as incongruent to my environment as it was: Apple IIe and Commodore 64 computers.  At the age of 15 I had discovered, quite by accident an aptitude and intrigue to all things technology. And by the age of 16, I was running my own company out of my family home, with my parents and younger sister taking orders for my product from the kitchen phone.  I was selling product to school administrators.  It wasn’t long before I found myself at the helm of a company, with 20 employees.

And from there, for nearly 30 years I have had an established presence in the technology (software) community.  My first company, HMI (Human Machine Interfaces) was instrumental in the beginnings of digitally multi-mixed sound systems for game developers.  I then founded Panicware, Inc. where I served as President and released the popular Pop-Up Stopper product used by over 20 million users. I then moved on to form SUPERAntiSpyware.com to fight malware and spyware. Over 40 million users downloaded that product to date.

Now, being married and raising kids I find myself harkening back to the days of my youth, particularly the time spent with my grandfather at their hunting claim in California, learning how to handle a gun and to actually hit a bull’s-eye.  Now, I find I am passing on what I learned to my step-children, and here is where I feel my life’s passions have come full circle to converge at a most extraordinary point.

While out target shooting with the kids, I found that my age has caught up with me.  I didn’t recall the cumbersomeness and time consuming nature of getting up and going back and forth to the target. I noticed even my eyesight wasn't what it used to be. Never one to put up with an inconvenience, I knew I could create a way to spend more time shooting with the kids and a lot less time walking to and from the target. So with my technology background and shooting interests, the idea for Bullseye Camera Systems was born.

Thank you kids for getting me back outside, doing what I always loved in my childhood.  Now I’m not forced to choose between what has to be my hobby versus my living. I have merged my love for technology with my love for shooting sports.  Bullseye Camera Systems is now here to change the way we shoot forever.

Kellie Skrepetos
Press Releases / Copyrighting

I bring diversity to our Bullseye Camera Systems Team, in that I am not an avid hunter or fisher! However, I do love the outdoors doing things such as hiking, going for walks or simply soaking in the sun listening to the birds and crickets.

I graduated cum laude from Northwest Christian University with a degree in Business Management. Over the years I have volunteered in various groups, lending a hand where I feel I’m needed and can make a positive contribution. However, my greatest achievement thus far has been raising two stunning children, being blessed to spend many years in the home with them. Now that they’re older and more self-sufficient, I feel ready again to put my degree to good use!

With my proclivity for writing and my general bent towards all things creative, I am delving into the marketing side of Bullseye with great enjoyment. Our innovative product is essentially selling itself because of its transformative properties. Users are just amazed at the benefits and ease-of-use. With this, I find my job to be quite facile.

This is a very exciting time launching Bullseye Camera Systems! We are partnering with well-respected names in the industry and our mission is to hold ourselves to the highest standards of community relations, product innovation and reliability. It is my honor to be sharing all that Bullseye Camera Systems has to offer!

Dave Price
Software Development and Web Development

Dave has worked with our Founder, Nick Skrepetos, for over 20 years and has been part of creating and developing HMI's Sound Operating System and SUPERAntiSpyware. Dave brings a background in software development, web design and development and graphics design.

William Barker
Video Production Manager

Will Barker graduated from college preparatory Marist High School in Eugene, Oregon, June of 2015. While in high school he volunteered his time on various school filming projects. His first school project, a football documentary, was a great success. FootballScoop.com, a national high school football website featured his documentary on the front page of their site. After proving his self-taught knowledge, Will was approached for various other projects for school faculty; he hopes to have begun a trend in student-run filming projects for future students.

Will has been employed in the family business, Bullseye Camera Systems, for several years as the in-house Video Production Manager. Will has had to learn off-the-cuff but feels his practical experiences have been invaluable. He can often be found deep in study on-line or reading books, covering all topics related to filming, editing, and script building. To-date he has filmed and edited over 20 instructional/promotional videos and commercials and has grown greatly in technical and aesthetic ability.

When not working, Will enjoys spending time with his family and girlfriend. He enjoys hiking, fishing, hunting, and engaging in airsoft battles in the great outdoors. He will start college this fall and transfer to the University of Oregon, majoring in Cinema Studies Spring of 2016.

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